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Short Simple Guided How-To ForGIVEness Meditation.

Easy to Read & Understand.
Suitable for Children to Great-Grand Parents.

Free Audio Version of the How-To-ForGIVE Meditation Free to Subscribers at

Workshops Available:

"The little ForGIVEness Meditation" brochure available for mass distribution at modest cost. Suitable for chaplaincies and any spiritual friendly group, organization, expo, etc. Non-sectarian.

Sponsors welcome to underwrite printing costs.



The little Book of ForGIVEness ~
7 Easy Steps to ForGIVEness..... by Pat Crosby with the Angels of ForGIVEness
“There are very few things more counterproductive than holding a grudge. In this little gem, Pat Crosby shares a method for forgiveness that can provide you with more happiness, joy, peace of mind, and financial success.” ~ Bob Burg, Best Selling Author with John David Mann ~ The Go-Giver
“There are angels among us. I know. I met one. Her name is Pat Crosby and she is here spreading the Power of Forgiveness with her magic golden particles. Breathe them in and untangle your life.” ~ John Milton Fogg, Author, Multi-Million Copy Best Seller ~ Greatest Networker In The World
“Pat Crosby is a true Earth-Keeper. Her depth of understanding teamed with her extensive travels to sacred sites all over the planet have given her keen insight and wisdom that are clearly reflected in this book. It is a must-read for all on the path.” ~ James Tyberonn, Author, Speaker, Sacred Site Traveler, Geologist ~ Earth-Keeper

"Pat Crosby is a true Master. She is one of the most advanced teachers I have ever worked with. She is crystal clear and works at the highest levels. I appreciate Pat's ability to articulate her profound insights and concepts in a very simple way. Pat works from the Higher Mind and Heart with impeccable integrity. Her vast experience in the Multi-Dimensional world, as well as her practical experience in our 3-Dimensional world make her a powerful bridge that you can trust deeply. One of her most transformative gifts is her Cosmic Giggle...and it is contagious!"

~ Jacqueline Joy, Founder, Diamond Alignment

“Pat Crosby is a heartfelt essence of love, who desires to help people find their own healing light. She lives the truth: "To find peace light shines within. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? One heart at a time”

~ Rev Kahu Fred Sterling, Minister, Author ~ The Great Shift

“My Friend, Pat Crosby, has it exactly right … ForGIVING is a powerful doorway into truth.” Carl Big Heart ~ Spiritual Elder, Medicine Keeper

“We could all use this book! It is a true INSPIRATION!” ~ Art Jonak, CEO Network Professionals

I have had wonderful experiences with your little Book of forGIVEness, 7 easy steps to forGIVEness. After many years of analyzing many hurtful memories (ala left brain), I find that this right brained approach is very freeing. The analysis left haunting little hurts I could feel on an exhale. Your choice of words and images hooked my right affective brain, my experiential side, or "heart". That seems to be the better realm for healing hurts completely. Now I can breathe freely even on the exhale.Perhaps even those of us who tend to the left analytical side need to yield to this truth: Humankind does not thrive by the left brain alone. When we need a heart cleaning we need to allow this brilliantly aware guidebook to work its magic in our affective nature. ~ Nancy Cloyd, Founder and Director ~Literacy For Tots

Private Session and Workshop

Speaker, Writer, Author, Trainer

Published Author in
CHICKEN SOUP for the Network Marketer's Soul



Published Metaphysical Writings ~


Burke Allen Radio Interview with Pat Crosby on ForGIVEness

Show Name:
WAMS talks with LITTLE BOOK OF FOREGIVENESS author Pat Crosby 30 min WAMS welcomes Pat Crosby to our show. Pat has a fascinating story, from Wall Street securities analyst to PhD studies of clinical psychology to author and authority on meditation and spirituality. Pat has traveled to some of the most exotic spots on the globe and studied with many of the masters of spiritual healing. Don't miss this show!

Thanks for being on the show today!

We had several callers on hold, but the conversation was so good that we couldn’t get to them.

Burke Allen

Washington, DC






Radio Interview Show Utopia Radio Sharon Taphorn "Being Indigo" Nov. 2008


Sample Interview Questions


The little Book of ForGIVEness ~ 7 EASY STEPS to ForGIVEness


  1. Why is ForGIVEness so important in today’s world?

  1. What aspect of ForGIVEness is so special about the guided meditation you are teaching?

  1. What vision do you have for the global ForGIVEness project.

  1. What is "energetic ForGIVEness"?

  1. What are some of the profound changes you see in people at your ForGIVEness workshops?

  1. How did you get started with this ForGIVEness Meditation global teaching project?

  1. This meditation is so simple and easy ~ how can people improve their lives using something so simple as the ForGIVENess meditation.

  1. For mystical audiences: Could you describe your trip to Peru and how you met the spirit guides at Lake Titicaca who taught and inspired this work.

  1. What is golden prana particle breathing? How does it accelerate ForGIVEness?

  1. What SUPPORT do people have to continue ForGIVING once they read the book, get the free meditation and/or do a workshop.
  2. How did Archangel Michael become involved in this energetic forgiveness?

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High Resolution

Tipon Water Temple, Peru

Tipon Water Temple, Peru

Archangel Michael Certified Teacher

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